Born in Lima-Peru, 1.5.1984
moved to Vienna-Austria 2000
joined the University of Fine Arts Vienna in 2001
lived and Worked in Brasil - Argentina 2006-2010
finished his Art studies in 2012 in Vienna,

lived and Worked in London 2013-2014
currently Living and Working in Vienna.


Collective Exhibitions:


2018 - 2019 Kunst Museum Stuttgart - Ekstase

2018 - Contemporary ArtFair - ZonaMaco Mexico

2017 - Hospitalhof - Körper-Reflexionen Stuttgart


2017 - Galerie Michael Sturm Stuttgart

2017 - Contemporary ArtFair - ZonaMaco Mexico

2017 - NOPLACE  Lima

2016 - PostAG - Vienna

2015 - B4 SELECTION Vienna

2014 - Das Medium, Inomo Vienna

2013 - Palais Kabelwerk Vienna

2013 - Vienna Art Week  - Das Weisse Haus

2013 - Das Weisse Haus Resident Artist Vienna

2013 - What is the point London UK
2012 - Fine Arts Academy Vienna

Solo Exhibitions:



2016 - Artspace - Slovenia

2015 - Bäckerstrasse 4 Gallery Berlin

2015 - Bäckerstrasse 4 Gallery Vienna

2015 - Performance -  Rotschild Paris

2014 - Le Meridien Artist Space Vienna
2013 -  Harmonie Hotel 
2013 - Künstlerhaus Kino
2013 - Cota, Hippodrome London UK
2012 - Kunsthalle, Project Space 
2012 - Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2012 - SAPA experience 
2006 - Le Meridien, Artist Space  


Film festivals:

2014  - Sinemadance Ankara, Ankara



Photography by Alejandro Morales Grasel



Luís Casanova Sorolla. The multi-media works of Casanova Sorolla are defined through transformative processes. Two-dimensional artistic works hint at previously taken place and meticulously staged performances, which themselves find their source in traded but individually interpreted notations or mediated traditions between high and vernacular culture.


Transversal literally as well as in a political transferred sense; in Casanova Sorollas’ works over objects of cultural value - from folkloric to classic - complex sociocultural realities find their expression. Thereby it is the plurality of interpretability of meaning and the multilingualism of its speakers/interpreters, which bear for their complexity. Ephemerally appearing arts, such as music and dance, in diagrammatic annotations hint in traces at the complex relationships and the contingencies of concrete singularities.


Is it possible to imagine a dance without a dancer, to formulate such a word as “dance” and yet fail to analyse the distance...


by Andreas Spiegl







An attempt at holding onto and letting go in the works of Casanova Sorolla


by Gabrielle Cram






It seems quite easy to evoke a sonic form—even a vision—but under what conditions could one

speak of a visual sound?


by Matthias Schmidt





Kuratiert von Lucas Gehrmann (Kunsthalle Wien)

Musik – sie kommt, erfasst uns, selbst wenn wir sie nicht wollen, ergreift uns emotional und doch stets nur temporär.


von Lucas Gehrmann





Private photography Projects :